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I’m one part education nerd and one part fun creative. I just made a salt dough dinosaurs with the kid on my hip, Eve.  
If you asked me my favourite colour I would have to say rainbow!

I have been teaching art and the Head of creative curriculum in P-12 schools for over ten years. I help families foster creativity at home through fun and purposeful art projects.

Would you like a little extra help raising a creative kid at home?

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the short version of a long story

My love affair with all this art can be traced back to my childhood collection of Fairy books by Shirley Barber. After dabbling in illustration and textile design I started my career as art educator – my fairy kid books were always close by.

On my first day in the classroom I was given a drill, a chisel and introduced to a group of Year 9 boys to teach woodwork. It was awesome, we made flat pack stools. I continue to teach and mentor big kids through their VCE studies then skip over to the tiny kid classroom to read about Sunflowers and create some fancy finger painting, I love both.

I realised quickly that the kids who thrived in my  classroom, dabbling in abit of creative art making were also having great success in their other subjects. The skills we covered were transferable from art to english, from art to maths and from art to science. I also noticed a encroaching famonmian of “I’m not good at art” or “I can’t draw” creeping into the classroom preventing kids from making a mark on the page. The fear of mistakes was real.

What if I could create a space where there were no risks? No grade assessment. No rush before the bell rings, no . Something better. A space to draw, paint and create for pure enjoyment.  Don’t be fooled. Art making is a big deal. It calls on the top three skills of the twentieth century: complex problem solving, critical thinking creativity.

I’m here to help your child have fun making beautiful art, guide them to learn new skills, encourage them to make their own creative decisions and grow into independent, confident little artists.

as a mum and an art educator

these facts motivate me

Creativity Matters as
much as Literacy

Creativity is considered one of the most important factors for success. The World Economic Forum puts creativity, critical thinking and problem solving in the top three skills required for 2020 success. These are all required in the creation of art.

Modern life is
cray-cray busy.

We all know art is an important way to foster your children’s creativity, but life gets in the way. And the mess can send you into a spin! With every minute of your day scheduled, or cleaning up after your little tornadoes it’s no wonder those pintrest perfect art projects you want to try bring more overwhelm than joy!

Video is the
new teaching tool.

But you can waste valuable time searching for relevant tutorials on Youtube. COVID  & remote learning shone light on VIDEO as a powerful and inspiring way to learn. With live and recorded video classes, you can easily introduce art activities and techniques at home, even if you don’t consider yourself creative.

i should also mention

With a decade in a classroom under my belt I’ve mentored tiny prep humans to the big serious students preparing their design folios for Uni. I’ve taught everything from drawing, ceramics, coding to woodwork. Connecting with kids, and preparing my classroom for ‘ah-ha’ breakthrough moments of “I can do it!” is what motivates me. Creative flow, laughter, bright colours and the building of skills is what you’d see if you peeped through my classroom door. I still teach at a P-12 school in Melbourne.

I'm a real artist

I created my first range of illustrated gift cards in high school and sold them to the lovely neighbours. Fast forward a couple of decades I now produce digital artworks & textile designs. This industry perspective helps have great conversations with big kids preparing folios for Uni. I’ve been there.

I'm a NICU Mum

To a one-in-a-million baby with severe heart and lung disease. She’s my dream! Eve needs oxygen 24/7 and her condition currently has no cure. When we left the NICU with our bundle of baby we realised we needed to zone in on what was most important to us.  Family, Joy & Creativity.

It’s been a tricky transition to navigate to say the least, but there is nothing like a little life to motivate you to get you focused and do what needs to be done.  We got busy painting together straight away!

it all started with baby art

Other mums got wind of the fun painting sessions we were having. I started running Mummy & Me Baby Art classes whilst on maternity leave and they were popular!

COVID sent the world of education into a spin, suddenly video became a powerful teaching tool.

An so the Online Art Club was born with the sole intention of connecting children to the wonderful world of art and helping YOU foster creativity in your home.

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